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If muffins were caffeinated

Emily Smegal
5 September
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For those who aren't afraid of a man who doesn't wear underwear.

Massholes are love, especially Leen, for making the colorbar.

a perfect circle, accents, adam brody, animal rights, anti-bush, anti-social, anti-yankees, apple pie, bagpipes, barenaked ladies, baseball, beatles, beck, bob dylan, book club, boston, boston red sox, boys, breakfast, bronson arroyo, cake (the band), cake (the pastry), captain jack sparrow, chaos, cheese, cheesy movies, chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, coffee, concerts, cookie monster, david ortiz, disney, don juan demarco, donnie darko, draco malfoy, dreaming, dropkick murphys, duct tape, edward scissorhands, evil laughter, fan fiction, feminism, finding nemo, flogging molly, food, frappuchinos, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, frodo/sam, gay marriage, ghost world, gilmore girls, green day, happiness, harry potter, harry/draco, ishmael, jess mariano, jimi hendrix, jimmy fallon, johnny cash, johnny damon, johnny depp, left handed people, lord of the rings, love, luna lovegood, manny ramirez, men, men in eyeliner, mentos, milkshakes, milo ventimiglia, monty python, muppets, music, napping, nomar garciaparra, non-violence, nutella, orlando bloom, pacifism, peace, peter pan, philosophy, photography, pippen, pirates, pirates of the caribbean, pizza, poe, pokey reese, pretty boys, pro-choice, psychology, pudding, reading, red hot chili peppers, red sox, reese's pieces, rocky horror picture show, root beer, rubber duckies, rufus wainwright, running around in circles, sarcasm, saturday night live, scaring the normals, sean biggerstaff, severus snape, shiny things, slash, sleep, smashing pumpkins, spongebob squarepants, squee, stuff, the green monster, the oc, the simpsons, theo epstein, they might be giants, tina fey, tithe, trombone, trot nixon, vanilla, wang, writing,